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9 Air Travel Tips For A Completely Enjoyable Flight

9 Air Travel Tips For A Completely Enjoyable Flight

Flying can so easily became a horrible experience since it is often stressful. Fortunately, anxiety can be reduced and you can make the entire trip so much more pleasant. 

A way to do this is through the use of the common flyer miles programs. Being part of this elite status can also bring benefits like free upgrades and lounge access. You already know about options like the weekly flight offers from Cathay Pacific. But, you might not know about the following. 

1. Pack a carry-on

It can be tough to pack everything you need for your trip. Sometimes, you just have many things piling up, like shirts and coats. Shoes take up space too, so consider wearing your favourite pair on board the plane and packing flats that can pair nicely with multiple outfits.

Before your trip, double-check the personal item size allowance and any restrictions of your airline – many budget carriers are particularly stringent about this matter. Furthermore, investing in an overhead bin-compatible suitcase and personal item bag that fits under your seat would also be wise.

2. Pack a carry-on bag

Carry-on bags can save money on checked luggage fees and are easier to access should your checked bag become delayed or lost. Plus, packing smartly forces us to be more deliberate with what we bring – something which could prove useful on future trips!

Full-sized bottles of shampoo and body wash take up space and may not pass security checks; to save space, consider investing in travel-sized versions instead. Luckily, drugstores often sell such items in bulk for easier shopping or you could buy locally when arriving at your destination.

As far as shoes go, try not to bring more than one pair that is suitable for day and nighttime activities – one pair should suffice! And if your bulkiest pair will only take up space on the plane anyway, consider leaving it at home altogether to save even more space!

3. Use noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are highly preferred by experienced travellers. They block out all noise and also drastically improve the quality of the sound you hear when you listen to music or watch your favorite movies. Just be sure to purchase ones with closed backs so as not to bother other passengers with loud audio during long flights.

Don’t forget your chargers for headphones as well! Not every seat on an airplane offers outlets, and you never know when your phone might die before reaching its destination or when the power will cut out during a layover.

Don’t forget to pack your headphones in an appropriate case or protective measure to prevent them from getting damaged during transit. Bundle the cord tightly and secure with a clip or tie before packing in your luggage.

4. Pack a pair of earplugs

Airplane rides offer the ideal opportunity to watch movies or binge your favorite show – but can also be extremely noisy. 

Bring a pair of earplugs for every single flight. This helps you avoid having to deal with loud talkers or snorers. Also make sure you bring along a travel pillow and blanket should you plan on sleeping during your journey.

Before heading to the airport, remember to charge all electronic devices and bring along a water bottle – most airports now provide bottle filling stations outside security and reusable bottles are great way to reduce carbon emissions while counting towards your carry-on liquid limit!

5. Pack a travel pillow

Airplane travel pillows are an essential component of any successful flight experience, providing both comfort and protection from potential dirt and germs on the seat behind you.

Select a pillow with soft filling and an ideal shape; rectangular designs offer support on both sides of your head. Polystyrene or other hard and foul-smelling materials should be avoided as these may impede comfort during flight.

To save space, look for pillows with compact storage bags that compress easily into cylinders for easier packing. A vacuum-sealed pouch is also useful in reducing volume for optimal travel comfort without compromising comfort levels. Lastly, roll your pillow tighter to reduce its size further – doing this will also help preserve its shape during travel!

6. Bring a blanket

While some airlines do provide blankets on flights, they’re often scratchy and insufficiently cozy. By bringing a travel blanket of your own to sleep with during your flight, you can stay warm and comfy during a journey – plus it will prevent that sinking feeling when your bag gets stopped for additional security checks!

Most airlines allow travelers to bring a personal item (like a backpack or purse) and carry-on bag, which makes packing a blanket without worrying about overpacking possible. Plus, weighted blankets may help alleviate stress during flight by decreasing cortisol production while simultaneously increasing melatonin levels to promote relaxation.

This lightweight travel blanket folds neatly away for storage, complete with neck pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs to form the ideal sleep kit. Plus it comes with an included pocket for holding phones or tablets!

7. Bring a pillow

Pillows may seem like an unnecessary travel hack for teenage girls, but they can actually be extremely beneficial. A pillow can support your neck and head, helping promote proper spinal alignment; elevate your feet for improved circulation and reduced swelling; create a more comfortable environment and encourage sleep; use earplugs/eye masks/earphones to block light/noise distractions as needed; try replicating your pre-bedtime ritual from home like brushing teeth or listening to soothing music to let your body know it’s time for bedtime!

Most airlines allow passengers to bring a pillow on board as long as it’s packed in their personal item and not placed into checked luggage, though it’s always best to double check this policy with them beforehand.

8. Bring a book

Be sure to pack your books carefully so they won’t become damaged during your journey home – a small box or pair of tights may suffice as an effective protection for them! Achieve maximum convenience without risking the possibility of wrinkles or dinges by keeping your books safe!

Be sure to label your books, too. Placing labels inside can help them locate home after reading them on a trip, and this can be accomplished easily with BookCrossing, an international community for book lovers that allows users to leave labels inside books for other travelers to discover.

9. Bring a snack

As many airlines no longer provide complimentary snack service, it’s wise to bring along lightweight food like almonds, carrot sticks, apple slices, protein bars or similar lightweight treats in your carry-on to help keep you full and satisfied during your flight. Plus, packing snacks will reduce the chances of overspending on airport food!

Travel can be stressful and can reduce immunity levels, increasing your risk of sickness during your journey. So make sure you get adequate rest before flying, stay hydrated during the day, bring hand sanitizer and wash hands frequently while on board and follow the 3-1-1 rule when it comes to liquids brought on board.

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