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1920 Horror of the Heart: A challenge to your heart

1920 Horror of the Heart: A challenge to your heart

Hello Everyone, is everything going normal? Then I am here to make things abnormal. Don’t worry, it will entertain you and give some thrill your normal life. I hope you all love to watch movies. Watching movies is okay, but horror movies they are way more interesting as compare to others. Horror is a genre which connects you to the movie till the end. When it comes to movies it all depends on the storyline no matter what the genre is. There are not so many movies in our country which are that horror or can justify the genre properly. But some movies are damn worthy to watch. Horror movie with a great story is a great source of entertainment. So today we will discuss about one of the greatest horror movie 1920 horror of the heart.

About 1920 horror of the heart  

This movie is fifth addition of the film 1920. If we talk about the other parts they all were worth watching. The Bhatt family never disappoints with the horror movies. This is a tremendous thing you are making a movie having more than 2 parts still the quality of movies is not going down. We have seen a lot of movies having sequel or more than that but after giving a great quality in the first instalment they don’t continue that thing in the other next parts. They just make the other parts of the movies because of the public response and the box office collection. But when we talk about 1920 horror of the heart it is the 5th edition and still a movie to watch with great expectation.

This is a story of a girl name Meghna. Meghna decides to tell her father about her boyfriend on her 21st birthday. Suddenly a boy comes to tell her that something went wrong with her father. She runs towards her home and once she reaches there she gets a terrible vision to watch as a daughter. She finds her father body hanging with a rope on the ceiling.

It seems like a flood of sorrow comes into her life. However, she gets a diary through which she comes to know that her father died because of her mother’s deeds which she has done in the past. Then Meghna decides to take the revenge from her mother and her stepfather. Then, she enters the house of her mother by giving the excuse of having no place to live. After that she finds a way so that her father spirit can enter the house. You are thinking that this is a normal straight movie of revenge but there is lot to come.

The Truth of 1920 horror of the heart

When the movie moves ahead, the truth of meghna’s father comes out. She comes to know that her father was not a great man as she used to think about him. Her father was a sex addict and used to torture her mother. He even said that he will suicide and will blamer his wife for his death. One day meghna’s mother got fed up of all these things and left the home. Then she found a nice guy that she deserved throughout the life. Shantanu the second husband of Radhika did everything for her mother and even hides her previous life from everyone. That’s not it about dheeraj. He gave his heart to a tantrik which in return allowed him to comeback as an evil spirit to haunt his wife. Meghna came to know about all this  through a dream.

Spirit Defeated

Everyone was thinking how to defeat Dheeraj’s spirit. However, meghna realises that she helped her father’s spirit to enter the house and in every other aspect. Then she thinks that she can only defeat him by becoming a spirit herself. Before that, Shantanu kills the tantric for helping dheeraj. After that meghna lit a diya in front of a deity and kills herself from a deity’s trident. When meghna successfully becomes a spirit then she drags her father’s spirit somehow and enter the light coming from heaven. According to the movie if a spirit denies entering the light coming from heaven then the person will continue to roam on earth as a spirit. But when meghna and her father entered the light at that time somebody pull back megna’s spirit.

The person who pulls meghna’s spirit back was Arjun. Arjun was meghna’s boyfriend who died because Arjun also denied to enter the light comes from heaven. Arjun says to meghna that this is not the right time to die and ask her to enter her body back. Meghna asks Arjun that why he didn’t enter his body? Then Arjun replies that he didn’t enter the body because his body and his head got separated. Then meghna enters her body back and reunite with her family happily. There is a lot more things to know about the movie so go and binge watch it.

Cast and Team

  • Avika Gor
  • Rahul Dev
  • Randheer Rai
  • Amit Behl
  • Barkha Bisht
  • Avtar Gill
  • Ketaki Kulkarni

Director – Krishna Bhatt

Writer – Mahesh Bhatt, Suhrita Das

Music– Puneet Dixit

1920 Horror of the Heart
1920 Horror of the Heart


Lastly, we want to say that it’s a good movie to watch. If you are looking for a good and new horror content, then it is a nice choice. This movie will entertain you throughout the movie.

This is the 5th edition and still the best. If we compare it to the previous parts, then it can be a bit low in the aspect of story but still this is worth to watch. This article we wrote to inform you about one of the great horror movie of Bollywood. This movie will also reflect some superstitious thing and also some Atheism but along with that you will also see some good part which tells that these things also exist. Thank you for being with us throughout the article. We hope that it helped you about the movie and a good new horror content if you have not watched it yet.

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