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Aashi Tripathi: Personal and Professional Life

Aashi Tripathi: Personal and Professional Life

Hey everyone. Do you like reading biographies? Well, if yes then this article is for you. it is a biography of Aashi Tripathi, daughter of Mr. Pankaj Tripathi. In this article, we will discuss her in deep. Moreover, we understand you might be having so many questions in your mind regarding her career, personal life, and professional life. But don’t worry, we will try to provide you with the best possible information available to us. It is going to be a very engaging article. Thus, just stick around with us. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started with this article.

About Aashi Tripathi

Aashi Tripathi is the daughter of actor Pankaj Tripathi. Indeed, she is born into a wealthy family. Moreover, she is a devout Hindu. She is an Indian. Additionally, her star sign is Virgo. Despite her father’s established fame, she has kept her life private. She is not famous like other star kids.

Aashi Tripathi was born in the village of Belsand, in Bihar which is near the city of Gopalganj. Moreover, she has a promising future. She is descended from one of the most prominent acting dynasties in history. The Tripathi name is well-known because of her father, actor Pankaj Tripathi.

It could have been intimidating to grow up in the shadow of her father’s success, but Aashi has always been driven to make her path. Her chosen field is unrelated to acting, yet she has demonstrated incredible talent and passion for it. Aashi is dedicated to using her career to change the world, and her passion is environmental science.

Aashi has always made time for her family despite her hectic schedule. She has a strong relationship with her father, who has encouraged and supported her throughout her life. Notwithstanding any challenges, Pankaj Tripathi has always urged Aashi to follow her passion and aspirations.

Aashi is making significant progress in the field of environmental science. Just as her father has done with his acting, she is determined to use her position to change the world.

General Info about Aashi Tripathi

Body Measurements – 30-26-31 Inches

Height – 5 feet 1 Inch

Birth Place – Belsand, near Gopalganj, Bihar, India

Nationality – Indian

Father – Pankaj Tripathi

Mother – Mridula Tripathi

Grand Father – Pandit Banaras Tiwari

Grand Mother – Hemwati

Hobbies – Reading, Drawing

Aashi Tripathi’s Body and Personality

Ashi’s physical features are an example of elegance. Moreover, her weight is 50 kilograms and her height is 5 feet 1 inches. Her bust is 30. Whereas, her waist and hips are 26 and 31 inches respectively. Moreover, her bra is 30B. She wears shoes of size 7 (US). Her eyes are pretty and brown in color. Furthermore, her hair is rich brown.

Height – 5 feet 1 Inch (154cm)

Weight – 50kg

Eye Color – Dark Brown

Hair Color – Brown

Favourite Color – Pink & Red


Ashi’s father is Pankaj Tripathi, who is a well-known actor. However, her mother’s name is Mridula Tripathi, and she is a housewife. Her grandfather is Pandit Banaras Tripathi, and her grandmother is Hemwanti Tripathi. Moreover, she has no siblings.

Relationship Status

There are no known data regarding her personal life or possible boyfriend available to the public. We will surely notify you if we discover any new information about the same.

Social media

Aashi has very little following and followers on her Instagram. Her account is private. Her username is @anjoriaa. You can check her account if she accepts your request. Moreover, she keeps her life private and is not as socially involved as other celebrity kids.

Net worth

Currently, she is focusing on her studies. She is not making any money. However, Aashi’s father’s net worth is approximately 49 to 50 crores INR.

Facts about Aashi

  • Aashi Tripathi was born in the Indian state of Bihar.
  • She’s in her twenties now.
  • Her all-time favourite cricket player is MS Dhoni
  • Books and music are two of Aashi’s favourite things to do.
  • Aashi inherited her father’s fame.
  • She rarely uses social media and has an Instagram account with a very small amount of followers
  • She likes playing badminton in her backyard.
  • She is a coffee lover
  • she drives an Audi Q7
  • She enjoys equestrian sports, badminton, and water sports.
  • she is a member of a wealthy family.

Some unknown facts

  • She is a non-alcoholic person.
  • She does not like to smoke.
  • she was born in 2006.
  • Her father acted in more than 60 films and series on OTTS. Ashi often goes along with her father to film promotions and shootings.
  • Ash’s favourite film is OMG 2. Interestingly, the film stars Akshay Kumar and her father Pankaj Tripathi in a lead role in the movie.
Aashi Tripathi
Aashi Tripathi

Our verdict

In brief, Aashi Tripathi is a bright example of a person who doesn’t hesitate to carve out her route in life. She is the daughter of a well-known actor, but she has opted to follow her own interests and leave her own legacy. Aashi will undoubtedly accomplish great things in the future and continue to inspire others with her talent, commitment, and willpower. So, that’s all in today’s article. we hope you like our content. We have provided you with sufficient info about her. Thank you for reading this till the end. moreover, you can share this article with your friends and family as well. Furthermore, you can comment or write a review below. See you next time with some amazing topics. Till then, bye. Have a great day.










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