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Is Alcohol Consumption Beneficial For the Health of Heart, According To A New Study? No! : Know Everything!


Hello, people! According to a new study, it has been found that alcohol consumption may not be as good for heart health as people previously believed. This research contradicts the general conception that drinking moderately can have good effects on the heart. The research says that even if you drink alcohol moderately, it doesn’t lessen the risk of heart issues such as stroke or any other  heart issues. This new knowledge could have some major consequences for the people who are regularly drinking alcohol and those healthcare professionals who guide people about alcohol consumption. In this article, we will dig deeper into the specific areas of this study and will tell you everything that you should know about the relation between heart health and alcohol consumption. 


What did people previously believe?


Some times ago, people tended to believe that consuming alcohol moderately could impact the heart health positively. What was this belief relied on? Apparently, they did some observational studies between those who restrained themselves from consuming alcohol excessively or any kind of drinking and those who did some moderate drinking and found out that there were lower incidences of stroke and heart disease.


One famous theory stated that the alcohol’s antioxidants, particularly red wine’s, could help lessen flammation and can help improve the function of blood vessels, both of which are crucial for keeping up with good heart health. Moreover, people thought that alcohol could improve some levels of “good” cholesterol, that is scientifically called HDL, in the blood, which can be a defence against heart diseases of any kind.


The belief of the new study


The new study trashes these beliefs and implies that even the moderate consumption of alcohol can also put you under the risk of heart problems. No matter in what amount you consume alcohol, it can harm your heart nonetheless and the risk increases with the amount of consumption.


Studies and observations can only show a relationship between the two factors but cannot really prove the causation. Also, these studies are often based on alcohol consumption which is self reported, which may or may not be entirely true.


Consumption of alcohol in moderate quantity and its effects on the heart


Consuming alcohol moderately has been discussed very much when it comes to its effects on heart health. Some studies have implied that consuming alcohol moderately can positively impact heart health and some new studies trash these studies saying that this notion is not correct and imply that even the consumption of alcohol moderately can harm the heart.


A lot of countries and cultures vary in having different definitions of the consumption of alcohol in moderate amounts. In the US, women are said to not go beyond one drink a day, and two drinks a day is for men. While in Europe, moderately consuming alcohol is normally considered to not go beyond two drinks a day for anyone.


Effects of moderate alcohol consumption


The impact of consuming alcohol moderately is very complex on the heart and can change according to different factors, that might include gender, age, lifestyle factors and genetics. Consuming alcohol moderately may increase blood levels of “good” cholesterol that is scientifically called HDL, which can lessen the risk of heart disease, as some studies say. Moreover, some studies say that consuming alcohol moderately can reduce flammation and improve the functions of blood vessels. Consuming alcohol moderately can reduce inflammation and improve blood vessel function, which are both important for keeping up with good heart health.


Theories on this as per the new study


The new study contradicts these existing outcomes and implies no matter in what amount you consume alcohol, you put your heart at the risk of heart problems and that might include stroke and heart diseases of every kind. The study found out that with each extra drink per week also increased the risk of heart problems, even for those who drank moderately.


It is crucial to note that, on the heart, the effect of consuming alcohol moderately may vary for different individuals. Some people may have moderate consumption of alcohol safely while others might risk their heart very highly even with those amounts. So, it is very crucial to chat with a healthcare professional on alcohol consumption to make sure of the safe and appropriate approach individually.


Different options of maintaining the heart health


Professionals in the healthcare business suggest a variety of crucial ways to maintain your heart health and that might include regular exercise, a healthy diet, stress management, healthy weight, no smoking and keeping an eye on the levels of blood pressure/cholesterol, in spite of the complex effect of alcohol consumption.


A healthy diet : A balanced diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and lean protein is called a healthy diet and it can really help in resisting the risk of heart diseases. Food items with high amounts of saturated and trans fats, sugar and salt should be taken in limits.


Regular activities physically : For keeping up a healthy heart, it is very important to make a routine for a regular physical activity. Health experts suggest aiming for at least two and a half hours of simple and intense exercise every week. 


Maintaining a healthy weight : If you are overweight or obese, it can put you at the risk of heart diseases. It is very important to maintain a healthy weight through the help of a healthy and balanced diet and also, regular exercise, for heart health.


Managing stress : Chronic stress can deteriorate heart health. It is very important to learn the techniques of stress management like meditation or yoga to reduce stress levels and keep up a good heart health.


Not smoking : Smoking is a very big risk factor for heart diseases. It is also very important to quit smoking or avoid tobacco products to notably reduce the risks of heart disease.


Keeping an eye on blood pressure and cholesterol levels : High high cholesterol and high blood pressure can add to the risk of heart disease. Regular check-ups and management of these factors can really help keep heart diseases at bay.


Sleeping well : Sleeping poorly or lack of sleep can add to the risks of heart disease. Sleeping well is very important to maintain heart health.


There are different ways for maintaining heart health and that do not include the consuming of alcohol. One can really impact their heart health and overall being by simply incorporating healthy habits into their daily life.




We can conclude by saying that the new study contradicts the beliefs that were in general conceptions before consuming alcohol moderately can have a positive impact on heart health. In lieu of that belief, the study implies that no matter in what amount alcohol is being consumed, it can still increase the heart problem risks and that can result in stroke and heart disease. So, it is very crucial to entertain moderation and caution when it comes to the consumption of alcohol and consider different ways to keep up a good heart health, like a healthy and balanced diet, stress management, regular physical activity, not smoking, and keeping an eye on cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

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